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  • Empowering Patients: Insights from Dr. Arun Arora’s Practice

    In the landscape of modern healthcare, the paradigm is shifting from a traditional doctor-patient relationship to a collaborative partnership. Dr Arun Arora, a trailblazer in this evolution, stands as a beacon of patient empowerment, reshaping the dynamics of healthcare with his pioneering approach. Central to Dr Arun Arora practice is the belief that informed patients

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  • Future of Medicine: Dr. Arun Arora’s Forward-Thinking Approach

    In the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, where breakthroughs and innovations shape the future of healthcare, Dr Arun Arora emerges as a visionary leader whose forward-thinking approach has positioned him at the forefront of the medical frontier. Dr. Arora’s career has been marked not only by his commitment to current medical practices but also by his

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  • Dr Arun Arora: What An Internal Medicine Specialist Do

    Internal medicine is the practice of treating patients with a wide range of medical conditions. The field includes diseases of the musculoskeletal system, genitourinary system, digestive system and respiratory tract, endocrine system and its derivatives, nervous system and its derivatives, heart and vascular system (especially cardiac arrhythmias), liver (both acute and chronic liver disorders) as

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