Dr Jon Ver Halen: What to Wear on Your Day of Plastic Surgery

The day of your plastic surgery can be filled with a mix of excitement, anticipation, and nervousness. Among the several considerations, the question of what to wear may not be at the forefront, yet it’s more important than you think. Dr Jon Ver Halen will provide recommendations that can ensure you are dressed for a smooth surgical experience.

Prioritize Comfort

Due to the nature of most plastic surgery procedures, it’s essential to dress in clothes that are loose-fitting and easy to put on and take off. After surgery, you could face temporary limitations in your range of movement, so oversized shirts, button-down blouses or T-shirts, and comfortable, loose pants are generally the best options.

Skip the Accessories

Leaving jewelry at home is a safe bet. Metal objects, including earrings, necklaces, piercings, and watches, have to be removed before surgery to avoid potential complications. Also, avoid wearing Dr Jon Ver Halen makeup, as items like false eyelashes and contact lenses can disrupt the surgery or its aftermath.

Sensible Shoes

Navigating through the hospital could involve a fair bit of walking, so it’s best to opt for comfortable, non-slip shoes. Skip the flip-flops or heels and opt for comfy flats or sneakers instead.

Dress in Layers

Post-surgery temperature regulation can vary widely between patients. Dressing in layers allows you to adjust your clothing according to your comfort level. Bring a light jacket, sweater, or robe, even if your procedure is scheduled during warmer months.

Don’t Forget Underwear

While you will likely change into a hospital gown for the procedure, a comfortable pair of underwear is essential for after the surgery. Ladies should choose a soft, wire-free bra for procedures like breast augmentation or reduction.

Consider Surgical Site

Your clothing choices should also take into account the surgical area. For example, if you are having facial surgery, wear a button-down or a zip-up top that doesn’t need to pass over your head. Remember Dr Jon Ver Halen to pack an extra set of clothes that mirrors the comfortable and easily removable dress code, as you might prefer to wear fresh clothes afterward.