Jeju Wheels: Your Passport to Island Freedom

Jeju Island, also referred to as the Hawaii of Korea, is an excellent position for a special vacation. This picturesque island is known for its natural wonders, stunning beach locations, Lava pipes, and different tradition. One of the better strategies to explore Jeju’s attractions in comfort and ease is as simple as hiring a car. In this best manual, we are going to uncover everything you should know about leasing a car on Jeju Island and discovering it such as a expert.

Why lease a car on Jeju Island?

Jeju Island rental car (제주도렌트카) is really a substantial island showcasing many sights in distant locations. Booking a car gives site visitors the freedom to move around easily and comfortably and check out with out stressing about capturing public transport or working with a taxi cab frequently. Having a rental car, you can go away from the outdone course and find out unique websites like Jeju’s beautiful countryside, invisible shorelines, and enchanting outlying communities. Additionally, leasing a car on Jeju Island is pretty affordable, and you will spend less compared to selecting taxi cabs or personal excursions.

The best way to lease a car on Jeju Island?

Leasing a car on Jeju Island is fairly easy, and there are numerous rental car solutions readily available throughout the island. It is possible to publication a car rental service online prior to turning up on Jeju Island or rent payments a single with the international airport or perhaps your motel. Even so, suppose you intend on leasing a car during peak year or getaways. In that case, it might be advisable to have the reservation beforehand for the reason that rental vehicles could easily get reserved up pretty easily. Furthermore, Jeju Island runs a substantial test drive system exactly where visitors have to show their Global driving a vehicle certification and passport or neighborhood driver’s license to rent payments a car or truck.

Best car rental services on Jeju Island

Jeju Island has several rental car providers, making it quite hard to select one. Nonetheless, there are several leading-rated rental car solutions that you should check out. A few of the reliable organizations with trustworthy autos consist of Jeju Rent-A-Car, Lotte Rent-A-Car, Avis, and Kt Kumho Rent payments-A-Car. Jeju Hire-A-Car has over 40 years’ encounter while offering a variety of car types, which includes electrical cars, sedans, and vans. Lotte Lease-A-Car is yet another recommended assistance with exceptional customer support and assorted car options to pick from.

Driving a vehicle recommendations on Jeju Island

After hiring a car on Jeju Island, it is very important understand the driving culture and polices around the Island. In Jeju, autos generate about the correct part, along with the greatest speed restriction for expressways is 100 km/h, and on outlying roadways, it’s 80 km/h. Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory for many travellers. Additionally, website visitors must understand that most signs, interpretive materials, and streets nameplates are developed in Korean, so using a Gps system menu program or Korean menu apps could possibly be beneficial.

Leading sights to go to using a rental car on Jeju Island

Jeju Island houses many gorgeous and different sights great for discovering having a rental car. Among the best locations to see are the Seongsan Ilchulbong Maximum, Attach Hallasan Nationwide Park, Manjanggul Cave, Seopjikoji, Jeju Folk Small town, and Udo Island. These websites work best stopped at with a car rental, while they offer gorgeous views and frequently need some driving a vehicle to access.


Booking a car on Jeju Island is the best way to explore this gorgeous Island. It offers site visitors the liberty to maneuver effortlessly to Jeju’s numerous tourist attractions and regions of organic beauty. Bear in mind to get your Worldwide or community driving certification and required paperwork to protect yourself from any issues. Take advantage of GPS the navigation and Korean words apps to create traveling around the Island as sleek as is possible. Along with your rental car, you will have the capacity to see Jeju’s spectacular elegance and rural charm in all of the its glory.