Seamless Workforce Management with DigitalWAS

Efficiency is one of the most important factors for virtually any business. As business owners, our company is always searching for ways to improve efficiency and streamline methods to save money and time. One way to make this happen is actually by applying labor force computer software. DigitalWAS Workforce application is a great solution, giving many features that enhance productiveness. In this article, we will go over a few of these functions and how they can assist your company.

Time and Attendance Monitoring

Time tracking software (Zeiterfassungssoftware) provides time and attendance monitoring capabilities that eliminate the necessity for handbook monitoring. This function ensures that staff members have precise data with their time, and executives can simply access this information for payroll processing, booking, leaving requests. With this particular characteristic, your HR group can spend more time on strategic jobs as an alternative to administrative versions.

Personnel Self-Assistance

Among the finest methods to increase productiveness is actually by empowering staff. DigitalWAS Staff software gives Personnel Personal-Service (ESS) characteristics that permit staff members to gain access to and up-date their private data, demand time off, and consider their agendas through the system. ESS will save some time and boosts communication between managers along with their staff members.

Superior Reporting and Stats tracking

Advanced reporting and stats tracking are necessary resources for identifying productivity concerns and possibilities for improvement. DigitalWAS Workforce computer software delivers an array of studies and google analytics that could be used from one dash board. For instance, managers can access personalized records on staff attendance, organizing, and extra time. Using this type of function, administrators can determine efficiency issues and act to address them rapidly.

Mobile phone Labor force Management

For businesses with portable workers, DigitalWAS Employees application gives a selection of resources that will increase efficiency. The portable app will allow staff to clock inside and outside, control agendas, and ask for time away from the cellular devices. This function is extremely ideal for organizations with a distant staff or those that have workers who frequently travel for organization.


DigitalWAS Staff software delivers integrations along with other HR equipment, for example payroll computer software, to enhance processes more. Integrations eliminate the necessity for manual info entrance, minimizing the danger of errors, and time savings. This characteristic ensures seamless info circulation between various HR methods, making certain details persistence throughout the table.

Simply speaking:

In To put it briefly, DigitalWAS Employees computer software is a superb choice for companies seeking to boost productivity and simplify their HR processes. With characteristics like some time and attendance management, staff self-service, innovative revealing, mobile labor force management, and integrations, companies can save time, improve connection, and maximize production. For more information on how DigitalWAS Staff software program will benefit your company, talk with one of our industry experts right now.