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  • Navigating the Journey of Bone Fracture Treatment: Dr. Lauren Papa’s Expert Insight

    Bone fractures, a common yet unwelcome occurrence, can result from a range of circumstances – from a simple stumble to high-impact traumas. While they can be painful and disruptive, understanding how medical professionals treat bone fractures can provide comfort amid the discomfort. Dr Lauren Papa guides you through the intricate world of bone healing under

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  • Dr Lauren Papa: The Role Of Physical Activity In Managing Osteoarthritis

    The concept of being physically active when struck by osteoarthritis may seem counter-intuitive, even a bit agonizing. However, science and research have shed light on a seemingly paradoxical fact: sensible physical activity can, indeed, be good for people with osteoarthritis. Dr Lauren Papa will discuss the role of physical activity in managing osteoarthritis. The Positive

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