Dr Lauren Papa: The Role Of Physical Activity In Managing Osteoarthritis

The concept of being physically active when struck by osteoarthritis may seem counter-intuitive, even a bit agonizing. However, science and research have shed light on a seemingly paradoxical fact: sensible physical activity can, indeed, be good for people with osteoarthritis. Dr Lauren Papa will discuss the role of physical activity in managing osteoarthritis.

The Positive Impact of Physical Activity To Treat Osteoarthritis

People with osteoarthritis frequently face a dilemma: physical activity can cause discomfort, but sitting idle could exacerbate joint stiffness and pain. The key here is striking the right balance with the type and amount of physical activity. For one, regular activity helps reduce pain and keeps joints functioning smoothly. Exercise can effectively release your endorphins – your body’s natural painkillers.

Physical activity aids in maintaining healthy cartilage and can delay the need for surgical intervention for osteoarthritis. Exercise assists in managing body weight, which is crucial since extra body weight puts additional stress on weight-bearing joints (knees, hips, etc.), accelerating osteoarthritis progression.

Other than that, regular physical activity strengthens muscles around joints, providing them with better support. And lastly, exercises that focus on flexibility help maintain joint function and range of motion. Lastly, balance exercises can greatly reduce the risks of falls.

Physical Activities Suited To Get Rid Of Osteoarthritis

On this part, you must consult with a healthcare provider before starting or modifying any type of physical activity regimen. First, swimming and cycling are non-weight-bearing exercises that improve your cardiovascular fitness while sparing your joints the impacts of aerobic exercises like running.

Second, exercises involving weights or resistance bands enhance muscle strength, especially in the areas surrounding the troubled joints. Dr Lauren Papa Also, activities that improve flexibility, such as yoga and stretching exercises, help enhance joint mobility and reduce stiffness. And lastly, Tai Chi or other similar exercises improve balance and reduce the probability of falls, a critical aspect for those with osteoarthritis.